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1. YNWA,

Dear all

Today is the final day for people to submit their predictions as the window slams shut at the end of the day. 10 people have sent in their predictions and a further 9 more have said they are interested. I am not sure what the final total will end up but it will certainly be a very fun time to see how everybody has got on. Thank you all for sending in your predictions.


magicalkrrish &YNWA

Latest edition by YNWA, Jun 12 2018 11:40:12

2. renatto,

russia 2-1

3. YNWA,

The deadline has now passed so officially we will not accept any more predictions/requests.

Thanks to those who took out their time to send in their predictions. We are now looking forward to the World Cup and see how you all did.


Magicalkrrish & YNWA

Latest edition by YNWA, Jun 13 2018 14:42:57

4. fire-starter,

bleh i still think you would've done better if kept in one topic, it's kinda spamming up the resent section now

5. YNWA,

Don't worry!

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