Final 16 for the uno Tournament.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

After todays first round of match's we got our final 16, who made it to the elimination rounds.

These are the matchs:

1beste18 v mogosog

2mayank v keywasful

3stenaldo v adventure-time

4redhawk v elan

5marina7 v claudiu

6fawaz v vojvoda

7policeman1 v guliwer

8Dalibor v sir-yazan


  1. These are fresh draws after we received the top 16 players.
  2. We will commenced around 12Pm or 12:30 Pm eastern Us time, that is one hour later then the time for today or the time for the first round match's.

If any questions then feel free to contact us.

Uno tournament team.

Krrish and Fawaz.

Best regards.

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Dec 8 2018 22:26:15

2. RedHawk,

The first of the group should match with the second of another group in my opinion. Matching first ones together weakens the competition right away as it eliminates half of the strongest.

3. YNWA,

Just like the FA cup a straight knockout, it is up to the host how the draw is done. Even with seeded players you don't always get an equal draw. I remember once when Krrish complained about a so called difficult draw I had given him for a uno tournament and uno what? Krrish won and he didn't complain after, lol.

4. RedHawk,

Difficulty is not the issue. In fact, in order to maximize the fun, the most strongest ones should last to the very end so there's more competition.

5. YNWA,

The best 2 players will get to the final, it is possible that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best players could have been in their path. Equally they may not be as strong. With seeded ggames one or 2 players can have an easier run-in depending on previous games go. Lets say you seed the top 8 players who decides who is the best and will everybody agree, they may be the so called best player but still play badly, after all they are only human. In tennis if a player beats the first player they play and they are seeded 1 then they become the number 1 seed even if they are ranked 600. In other tournaments they may pick who they think is the best player and make them the number 1 seed and so on up until the final, this happened in the Champions League when you had 2 group stages.

6. MagicalKrrish,

I already mentioned these are fresh draws. on which basis are you saying that players are not strong who made the final 16. Who ever made it to 2nd round deserves to be there and i m sure all match will be worth watching.

I see all players strong now, its always tough once reaching to final 16, so all the best to yall who made it here so far.

7. mogosog,

@2 I totally agree with you. It's the main purpose of dividing players into different groups. All the players in a group play a match against each other, the one who wins the most matches/points and the second of the group advance. However, the first of any group should be rewarded by playing with the second of another group for the knockout stage coming after the group matches. It's their advantage for winning their group.

8. Fawaz,

Hi all,
Most of the time we did fresh draws, unless when we were following the world cup model.
This time will be drawings until the finals.
and all of them are strong players, in fact few groups we had to take the difference to break the tie.

9. V28114,

Hello all!

The second tour is not as it must be i think too.
Leaders of elimination groups are always playing second players at that kind of tournaments, the leaders should be privileged.

10. YNWA,

It is up to the host how they conduct their draws at the end of the day and after seeing so many I know there is no perfect solution. Look at Liverpool's champions League group it is a tough group and that was seeded. In the league cup that was a free draw and we got Chelsea so fate is fate and that is all. I know there are many good Uno players in the Pr who all have the ability to win it and it is disrespectful to suggest that people have got so far because they got so called weaker players in their matches.

If you can do better then why not host your own tournament.

11. Vojvoda ,

Why to make a new tournament if they do rest of the job very good? Too impulsive reactions here.
But in my opinion this should be changed for the next tournament, no matters how you try to say everyone is very good that is not true there are better and less good players, also when you are replacing players you should think who you replace with who,, you can not replace musiclover with Everyone because of obwious quality differences. Someone will say you take this too seriously, maybe that is true but it's realistic too.
Dalibor was waiting for his opponent 3 hours yesterday, from 5 to 8 pm, myself would never do that tbh you should have replaced his opponent or gave him that victory, repeating, this is only my opinion.
What I wanted to ask is, we had 9 groups, which is 36 players, how do we have 16 now? Shouldn't we have 18?

12. Cristina,

Woo, only one girl is still in this competition.
Go, go Marina.
In my opinion, Dalibor vs Siryazan is the hardest match now.
Good luck guys!

13. Fawaz,

We had to remove one group and distribute the players because of not showing up some players.
Replacing one player with other does not work as you mentioned, because we don't create groups looking at how player is well known, it is completely random,
my group I had guliwer me basti and me-me, and she got replaced with undertaker, you can't argue that undertaker is more powerful than me-me, it was random from the beginning. we replace players to keep the fun and spirit up.
following the other method for top 16 is an easy process, next tournament can be implemented if that is the decision of the organizers.
we don't put any players in certain group because of musiclover is there. I use a website called random list generator to do the draw, and we always took the first draw.
good luck!

14. BellaBlack666,

So, who won the prize in the end?

15. Vojvoda ,

Noone it seems

16. Cristina,

Or maybe the sponsor changed his mind.
No money, no winner... :D

17. YNWA,

Maybe its in PR Dollars

18. MagicalKrrish,

@Cristina, it was my delay of not posting the results here as soon as posible because my pc was under maintainance. we got everything under controlled. We know who won and how the prize will be released to the, winner, if he accepts, and if he declines then it will go to Anemierl as it was mentioned earlier.
You shouldn't mention such things like "No winner, no money" and all, it is offending to the sponsership and the organisers. You was there till the final match and I m sure you know who won.

If someone kindly sponsers such tournaments then we should be thankfull rather than putting such comments. It takes alot of an individual to be generous enough to sponser tournaments. I Hope it is quite clear.



19. Vojvoda ,

I thought that Cristina's joke was obwious but anyways Fawaz posted the results hmmm, never mind...

20. StormProductions,

Well Magical was a bit rude in that posting, actually you could've noticed that Cristina made a joke and that wasn't a serious post

21. Cristina,

Lol, yes, they did not get my joke...
Anyway I knew who was the winner because I followed all the matches which were played sunday.
But... :D

22. Dayan,

Krrishi seems not to like jokes... :)

23. Vojvoda ,

Especially not about money

24. MagicalKrrish,

I take jokes, this was more of psychastic comments.

putting :d sign after each sentence doesn't means it becomes jokes.

anyways, no use of evolving around this topic.

Best lucks,


25. Cristina,

My God... please Krrish take it easy...
Should I delete and edite my comment because you found it offensive?
Moreover you did not quotate me correctly and perhaps this made you to misunderstood my comment.
I said "no money, no winner" and not "no winner, no money" like you did.
It should be an emoticon now, but I do not dare to use it because of your last post.
My apologies!

Latest edition by marina7, Dec 15 2018 16:23:09

26. Dayan,

You shouldn't. Keep the fun going! Btw, did the winer get the money? :D :D Oh, it is a small joke! Laugh all.

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