The winner of the end of the year Special Uno Tournament

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1. Fawaz,

Hello everyone!
The Uno tournament has concluded late night of Sunday, lasting 6 hours of smashing matches,
for sure late Sunday depends on your timing, for me it lasted until Monday 2 AM.
however, All matches had been really competitive, With semi final between Guliwer vs Fawaz and Mayank v The architect (Adventure-time)
the architect and Guliwer succeeded to reach the final.
the final was quite exciting long dramatic match, Guliwer had the lead, but the architect did his magic and returned strongly and won the match.
We had fun time organizing and running this tournament, and couldn't have been done without all these participants, so thanks to all the participants and to the Private sponsor who generously suported this tournament,
as well thanks to all the spectators who also were very cheerful.
Best regards,
Fawaz and Krish.

2. Mayank ,

Congratulations, The-Architect for such a successful venture, and sticking to the blueprints! Great final to watch as well. Well done to Guliwer for being the runner's up.
Great job organisers

3. YNWA,

I think point proven, you had a quality final and congratulations to the Architect who had the right tools for the job. I know Prague has many quality buildings so no surprise there that he came up with a great plan to win the tournament. Guliwer did very well and should also be proud of his achievement. Congratulations to Fawaz and Magicalkrrish who created yet another Uno tournament that turned out to be another Christmas cracker!

4. MagicalKrrish,

Huge congratulations to the winner, you did some good work in final and all other match's man. The runnerup also did his best but he felt bit short. anyways, I would like to thanks all the participatants and those who gave some support in some way or the other to make this tournament a successfull one again.

Only 1 can be the final winner and i hope the others will come strong the next time to win the main tag of champ of uno next year.

Till next time,
This is krrish saying congratulations to the winner and merry christmas and happy new year to one and all.

Enjoy and be safe.

Graphic clapping emoticon.

graphic smiling emoticon.

5. Lemonade,

Congrats man!

6. MagicalKrrish,

Hi all,

The winner has decided that we should donate the prize money to aminiel for such a great work he has done to bring all this games to this lovely platform. As i mentioned earlier that the prize money will go to aminiel if the winner fail to claime, therefore, it has been confirmed now that it will be handed to him.

Once again a special thanks goes to the sponsership for the support.

Kind regards,


7. Cristina,

Congratulations to everybody, especially to the-arhitect whose generousity has proven he is a pure hearted pigeon!

8. YNWA,

I agree congratulations all round.

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