Uno Tournament

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1. Ramon-Salazar,


Me and Musiclover would like hosting a Uno tournament

All veriants will be applied, except buzzer cards and 0/7 rule, The thinking time will be 15 seconds

There will be 2 rounds

The first round will be at 250 points, and The Second round will be at 500

The winner will advance to The second round, and Who lost will be out of Game

The muchups will be posted on friday february first,.

The Tournament will start on saturday february second at 10:00 pisific standard Time, 11:00 in Mounten Standard Time, 18:00 Greenwich Mean Time, 20:00 in most middle eastern countries

The second round will be on sunday in same time, or if possible in The Same day.

To sign up: PM Me or Musiclover, or post a comment Here

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Feb 2 2019 20:03:58

2. undertaker,

count me in

3. rocambole,

count me in thanks

4. Ramon-Salazar,

Thanks for joining: @undertaker and @nagato,

Note: The post #1 has been updated, and The tournament has 2 rounds

5. Cristina,

please, count Claudiu and me in... Thank you !

6. musiclover,

keep putting yr names in

7. Basti,

I want

8. Lemonade,

why not. Go ahead and count me.

9. mhr91358,

what is the prize

10. Ramon-Salazar,

Thanks for joining, @cristina, @basti and @everyone

Claudiu has been added

@mhr91358 There will be no prize, The winner of The tourament will be counted as The best uno player

11. Vojvoda ,

I already know I'm the best

12. Ramon-Salazar,

LOL, Are You sure?

BTW if You joined We'll know if You're The best

13. Vojvoda ,

You don't need to know, I know

14. Mayank ,

I don't know why you think you can write anything that comes to your mind here. Keep your inappropriate personal banter to yourselves please.
This is to Muhammad_Hajjar and Vojvoda

15. ionutbogdan,

count me in

16. Ramon-Salazar,

@ionutbogdan thanks for joining

17. helleon,

Count me in also.

18. Ramon-Salazar,

Sorry, The Registrations closed

Note that You'll be added to The standby list

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