The Winner Of The Finald Round Of The Uno Tournament

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1. Ramon-Salazar,


The Uno Tournament has been conclueded, started on saterday at 10:00 AM PST, and lasted 2 hours of matches

Unfortunatly Alot of Players who are participated in The tournament are absent, in The First Round and Me and Musiclover replaced alot of them and also Some matches are compleatly replaced

also The Final Round started on sunday 10 AM PST, do to The main organizer being absent and more absent players I started to think alot then I desided Myself to only start 3 matches, which lasted about 3 hours
The matches were Nagato VS Ramon-salazar, Then He won then Nagato VS Jackson Then Jackson win, Then jackson VS Ser-yazan, then Ser-yazan won, then Ser-yazan vs nagato then Ser-yazan won

The Winner Of The Uno Tournament is sir-yazan, He earned a title of The Best Uno Player

We had a fun time to organise & running this tournament, & couldn't have been done without all these participants who played, so thanks to all the participants who partially suported this tournament,
Best Regards

Ramon-Salazar and Musiclover

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Feb 4 2019 19:32:17

2. Everyone,

They played for 3 hours? damn!

3. Ramon-Salazar,

Yeah, the scor was 500, with alot of rounds

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