Draws for 99 tournament.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Hi all,

These are the match's which will be played on this friday.

1 Atlas357 V Raki

2 Albinuta v marina7

3 Helleon V MagicalKrrish

4 Cristina v Marian

5. andkuk v Pilot-in-the-air

6 angelina-princess v RadioPierpaolo

7. Areyana v Iuli45

8. eduard.acord v Dragos

9. alsomah v midomidomido

10. Laleauaneagra v fawaz

11. QueenYvanj v mayank

12. missestrellavega, v Sohhraab

13. mesterica v Violeta01

14. genti v mamoon

15. farzad v Muhammad_Hajjar

16. cherry-blossom v blaize


  1. Refer to the initial registration topic for the timings.
  2. Be there on time.
  3. Failure to turn up will see the people being replace with the stand by list.

If any queries then contact me or Fawaz.

Kind Regards,

All the best.

Latest edition by Mayank , Apr 19 2019 00:11:10

2. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

Hello. All matches will be organized at a same time? And since this is the first time i'm participating on these matches, do you invite those players who is going to play together? Or how will they be notified when they have their matches.

3. unolover,

hay i did not get put in

4. Cristina ,

Woo! Many romanian players will play against each other....
You did not say guys, for how many pennies will we play?

5. YNWA,

Maybe Krrish has already spent them! Good luck all.

6. Lemonade,

I vote 0 pennies.

7. Fawaz,

@Sohhraab will be one day tournament, and yes you'll be invited, so please be there on time, if you have questions about local timing please contact me.
first round will be for 12 penies. then will be increesed to 17.
@unolover, you haven't shown up for past 2/3 tournaments were organized by us, therefore we put you in the waiting list.
good luck all!

8. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

I asked majical krrish and he told me it will be organized on 19:00 PM according to my timezone GMT +03:30 Tehran but if still any hesitation exists please check if you observe any difference based on my timezone and the exact time of my game, please tell me if any diversity exists. Thanks in advance.

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