Pros vs. amatures uno tournament

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1. the-raven ,

Hey all,
Amanda (Unolover) is planning to host a uno tournament on June 12, at 11 A.M passific standard time. The tournament is going to be "pros vs. amatures". Each "pro" is going to play 3 matches against each "amature". When all the matches have been played, the one with the most wins will be the winner of the tournament. The rules will be as follows: +2 and +4 responses, straights, interceptions, super interceptions, bluffs, and the score limit is going to be 300. You are going to play with time limit (20 seconds).

Latest edition by the-raven , May 15 2019 22:19:51

2. unolover,

pleeze sign up here

3. deathdragon,

really wish i could but next week i have a load of exams to get through. good luck, to anyone and everyone, who sines up for it.

4. thendoftheocean,

could be, iwanna

5. good-boy,

I want to join.

6. unolover,

keep puting yr names in

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