Uno tournament anyone?

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1. randomrob,

Hi everyone. I was just thinking the other day how we haven't had a uno tournament in quite a while. I am not suggesting a long drawn out sort of affair. maybe a one or two day event. before I even think about organising, let's have some names down for numbers. And if anyone would like to help then drop me a message, as I know there are some great tournament organisers on here. thanks, Rob.

2. unolover,

i can help wen wer u think ing

3. Lemonade,

It would depend a little on the date, but you can write me down.

4. BellaBlack666,

Give me a date and time and I'll see what I can do.

5. Adventure-Time,

Sounds great! As long as you decide the tournament to be helt in September or later, I'll be happy to participate.

6. randomrob,

I should imagine september will be fine, let's get numbers before I set a date.

7. Cristina,

Without mentioning a certain date and time the people will not sign up.

8. randomrob,

Thanks for speaking for the whole playroom, much appreciated.

9. BellaBlack666,

I can't do the tournamet until the 9th so it would be cool if we can wait till then. going to visit family

10. Nikola,

Hi. As others have said, I would probably be interested as well, unless I am not there at the specified date. Uno is a fun game and we have not had any tournaments in general since quite a while, so why not.

11. Anne-rosalie,

you can write my name down.

12. Toto20,


13. the-raven ,

I would like to join but can't say whether I can join or not, depends on the time and date

14. Pool,

wow, I am interested. count me.

15. helleon,

Depends on the date for me also, but I'd like to join and am happy to host a table or help out in some way

16. Pran,

I am interested too, count me in

17. bogdanionut,

count me in.

18. Vojvoda ,

It depends also for the date and time but I guess I may join too

19. BellaBlack666,

Ok, so when is this game date?

20. pranam,

Hi there, Count me in too. I look forward to the tournament!

21. godfather,

i'm in, as well. just try to keep it late september or later, exams will start shortly. may be on the 24th or 25th? and yeah do confirm the time

22. squalinator ,

Count me in too. Anytime during September works.

23. lord-of-Lightning,

i'm in

24. the-raven ,

If the tournament is going to take place in september or october, maybe it's a good idea to find the date and time for it? Just so that people can sign up.

25. Turtle ,

Is it possible to join even though I am new here? Anyway, if there is any thing I can do to help, I would be glad to help out

26. augma,

right my name too
ialso want to join

27. godfather,

any updates on this? when's it being held?

28. Vojvoda ,


29. augma,

at what time does the tornament is held on?

30. Vojvoda ,

at 25:00

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