Reversi tournament

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1. phoenix009,

Hi. Can we have a reversi tournament?

2. Nikola,

Sure, one tournament coming right to you, do you want it with chocolate? More seriously, somebody has to organize it, and seeing that reversi is not so popular not sure if you will find enough interest in such a tournament. Best thing would be to first ask about interested players to participate, and if you get enough answers you can start something.

3. phoenix009,

Okay thanks buddy.
So, anyone wanting to participate please write here

4. fakeNews,

@neecola, choclet? no no no! how about a big chocolava cake with cold drink? and, let's see, french frise? cold coffee? :) ceriusly though, i understand that everybody has the right to have their views and openians on every matter but we should try to suggest them in, er, lighter tones. you might not mean to make it come out sounding that way, but writing says a lot, especially online. so try to tone it down a bit, my friend.

5. YNWA,

I don't always see eye to eye with Nikola but there was no issue with his post from what I can see. He had a joke and gave a good explanation. Usually it is for hosts to suggest tournaments and not the other way round. Making people aware of a particular interest in a game is not a bad thing as it may encourage others to host one knowing there is genuine interest.

6. Nikola,

It was indeed a joke, with a serious explanation below. It had nothing to do against anybody, nor was it meant to be harsh in any way. Don't know why are people offended so easily today.

7. Lemonade,

Agreed with YNWA.
I'm not really the Reversi type... It makes me feel like my head is being bashed repeatedly into a hard surface.

8. fakeNews,

well as i said, some people, especially of younger age might not take it as a, er, joke. so you know. i didn't say its your fault, heck i value your views as a fellow player as much as anybody on this pr, even though i myself enjoy reversi. but yes.

9. YNWA,

You may say that if I had written it but I would class Nikola as a "younger person" and how far would you go with this "younger" 14 seconds? If that is the case they wouldn't understand it. That is the problem with words they can mean whatever you want them to mean depending on your point of view.

10. fakeNews,

i didn't clacify neecola as a younger person, i meant pran. and that is indeed true, therefore its technically no body's fault that's why i said u shoulnd't use use expressions like "sure do you want it with choclet?" they have the potential to sturr up trouble even when not intended.

11. Nikola,

If jokes cause trouble, then you should go offline for a while. Either that, or join a mainstream community for a change to see how seriously people will take you when you are offended.

12. fakeNews,

bro, i dind't say it offended me. lol are you even reading what i'm writing properly? why always using second person. u u this, u that. this is a community. there is no u or me here. there is us. and we.

13. Nikola,

Because I am addressing you, not the community. If you have something against it, obviously it either offended you or somebody else.

14. phoenix009,

Guys, I didn't take it as anything more than a joke.

15. fakeNews,

it didnt' sound like that, pran, considerring the way you responded. so yeah neecola, i meant pran, not myself.

16. phoenix009,

Okay sorry for framing it wrong

17. Lemonade,

Mountains and molehills... gotta love 'em!

18. phoenix009,

Lol true man.

19. StormProductions,

Well. The topic started by asking people if they want to participate in a Reversi tournament, but unfortunately it got ruined with a weird topic that doesn't really match with the subject of the topic. Really guys, if you want to talk about something, don't suddenly change stuff and go to another topic just cause you thought younger people wouldn't take it as a joke. It's actually their own business, so go back to the topic.

Going back to the topic, I'm interested in the tournament, but as people said in here, you'll have hard times finding people that'll be interested.
So good luck, and count me in.

20. Nikola,

Man, if you did not sistematically reply to 5 topics on the forum, you would find that since this topic went the way it did we created another one.

21. StormProductions,

This is what happens when topics aren't closed when they get inactive...

22. Vojvoda ,

This is what happens when you just want to reply on every single topic, and even sistematically :)

23. fakeNews,

at neecola +1 and @code plus 5! :):)

24. Lemonade,

Not sure why this suddenly came up, but for what it's worth... I think auto closing inactive topics is a bad idea. There are perfectly valid reasons for reviving an old topic. People can also just create useless topics and cause there to be 4 threads discussing the same thing. If there is a problem with topics being revived for stupid reasons, I would blame the players who do it, not the mechanics.

25. Nikola,

I always genuinely wonder how do people find those topics in the first place, you intentionally have to go down far enough to find them. I mean, okay going to a specific forum room probably makes it somewhat easier, but generally just look at the recent topics to avoid that. Not even that, if there is a good case for reviving, like bringing something important to the discussion, go ahead, but not just to say oh yeah I agree.

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