Reversi tournament interest

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1. Nikola,

Hi all. Originally suggested by Pran, reply to this topic if you are interested in participating in a reversi tournament. Also, mention whether you want skipping turns always allowed as well as moves that don't capture any pieces. If the interest is high enough, we can certainly organize something, preferably at a weekend as more people are probably likely to play. I'm interested myself, thus creating another topic since the other one went in a wrong direction. If we get at least 8 players, that's a good base to work with for a possible tournament.

2. Pran,

Thank you Nicola.

3. godfather,

now that's more like it. i'm totally down. see? we can do this without choclets :D

4. Nikola,

Who says? I am not playing without some chocolate on the table.

5. godfather,

ok fine. but i can have a big chockolava cake as i said while you enjoy your little choclets :D

6. Pran,

I'd go with the cake, bigger than puny little chocolates.

7. Nikola,

Sure, but it's also more expensive. Be more economical. When it comes to the topic, seems the interest for this game is quite low just like I predicted.

8. Pran,

Yeah, you're true right there. Don't know why though. Personally, I have enjoyed playing this game.

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