Monopoly Tournament, Friday October 18th

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1. helleon,

I know. It's very soon! Unfortunately the only other day I can do is Saturday 26th. If people insist on this date and would prefer it I'll try and move it to then. How and ever, for now, here it is. I'm hosting a 1V1 Monopoly tournament this Friday coming from 7pm UK time. The Super Board of 12 Nations shall be used. Sign up here or by dropping me a PM or whatever, and I'll match people up.

2. BellaBlack666,

Count in Jeff R, Aries, and myself. I am posting this on their behalf since they don't check this often. Again, the 26th is out for me since I'm visiting family.

3. unolover,

can i joyn

4. the-supreme-AI,

would it be too late for me to join?

5. augma,


6. helleon,

Thank you everyone, all on the list! Matches are:
MistressBellatrix6666 VS unolover
The-Supreme-AI VS Revolutionary
Jeff R VS Aries
I'll leave it open for another 12 hours, it'd be nice to have 8 players.

7. StormProductions,

I'm in. COunt me please.

8. helleon,

On the list Storm- nice one! One more slot available. If you don't get a match Storm you'll be playing against yours truly (me).

9. shane123,

hi, i'd like to sign up.

10. helleon,

No problem. OK, all slots are full.

11. Jeff-Rutkowski,

If someone wants to propose an event, please post it up on the forum and allow others to post replies on there own.

12. helleon,

Well I'm proud, privelleged and yet slightly embarrassed to say that I managed to win my own tournament. Congradulations to Aries, The-Supreme-AI and MistressBella6666 who all managed to win matches. Well done to everyone who participated.

13. BellaBlack666,

Hurrah for representing Ireland, lol.

14. YNWA,

You were not the banker and kept all the money were you, lol. Congratulations and well done with the tournament.

15. StormProductions,

Well, I managed to forget about it. Congrats, Storm! :D

16. helleon,

Ynwa who you been talking to bruv eh? LOL thanks

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