Congratulations Magicalkrrish for becoming the 2019 citadels champion! !

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1. YNWA,

Congratulations Magicalkrrish on becoming the 2019 Citadels champion.

We would like to thank everybody who entered the 2019 Citadels tournament. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Miralina who without her this tournament would never happen. For a start I would lose even more hair either by it dropping out or I end up pulling it out in frustration. The good thing is Miralina was able to find new players for the tournament. Giving new players the chance to participate in tournaments helps the PR grow.

In the end everything worked out well even though we started later than I was hoping for. Fortunately when Miralina opened the table players who were not on the radar slipped in by magic and ensured we had enough for 2 semi-finals as planned. 7 today was the magic number because every game had 7 players in it meaning all games remained competitive making for a very good contest.

Magicalkrrish and Fawaz won both semi-finals giving an early indication to what might happen in the final. Krish had a very good strategy and was able to collect a lot of gold buy building a number of comercial quarters. This enabled MagicalKrrish to gain a lot of points buy building some big quarters. However, I managed to destroy 2 of them keeping him much closer to the pack. Fawaz was not too far away and if he was able to build a further quarter in the last round he may have won the game.


Magicalkrrish has built 9 quarters for 30 points.
Fawaz has built 6 quarters for 28 points.
Blaise has built 6 quarters for 21 points.
Macavelli has built 5 quarters for 21 points.
ynwa has built 6 quarters for 19 points.
Berniesanderslover has built 6 quarters for 18 points
Varun.saluja did not finnish

The good thing is I don't have to ask Marina7 to remove Magicalkrrish's magical tag. Fortunately there were some very good players who played in this tournament so congratulations to you all for making the game such a challenge.

Thanks everybody

YNWA & Miralina.

2. StormProductions,

Unfortunately, my internet decided not to work today. Oops...

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