scopa tournament

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1. berniesanderslover,

Hello all! On Sunday November 24, 2019 there will be a scopa tournament at 4:00 p.m. Eatern. At 3:45 we will start in a free table for paticipants to join and get table instructions. If u are not there at 4 exactly your spot may be given to someone on stand by. There are only 16 slots available so please reply quickly if u wish to partake.

2. augma,

count me in

3. TheRainmaker,

I am there

4. Miralina,

And I will be the winner ! Haha, just kidding. Count me in.

5. blaise,

count me in pleaze.

6. unolover,

pleeze count me in

7. helleon,

Count me in

8. dzoni,

Count me in :D

9. berniesanderslover,

Thanks for all the participation. See u all there, and brackets have started to be made. Still looking for a few more players.

10. Flags200,

count me in

11. Cristina ,

Hello! Please count me in. Thanks!

12. berniesanderslover,

u r in see u tomorrow

13. dave,

i will be glad to enter and win

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