Scopa Tournament, 7 Dec

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1. helleon,

Scopa tournament 7 December, 6pm UK time. Sign up here or PM me. You know the score at this point!

2. BellaBlack666,

I feel like there was just one recently? Isn't that right?

3. YNWA,

there was 2 but there is no rule saying you can't have it again. Maybe we have 3 different winners and they can play-off for a place in next year's Europa League. Maybe the hosts can have a play-off to host the tournament.

4. unolover,

count me in

5. BellaBlack666,

Why the fuck not? Put me in as well.

6. YNWA,

Nice to see some people wanting to paint a lovely image of the PR!

7. BellaBlack666,

The reason I asked about if there wasn't already a past tournament is for that reason. I just wanted to make sure I was reading the forums correctly.

8. alkelios,

what about the rules of the tournament?

9. andkuk,

count me

10. YNWA,

There is no problem in asking about tournaments but I see no need to use industrial language on the forum or even at game tables as I saw when hosting the last Citadels tournament especially as the PR is supposed to bbe creating a family atmosphere for all. If I am wrong and anything goes then ok.

11. augma,

count me in

12. helleon,

Hoping for a number of players anything multiple of 4, and to run what seems to be the norm for Scopa tournaments nowadays. If we end up with let's say, 12, then it'll be the top 2 getting to the next round with 3 players in each first round. I Hope you don't mind me being the second person, besides you to use this format @RyanTheOnly thank you very much!

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