farkle tournament

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1. Rory101,

Hi everyone,
me and unolover are hosting a farkle tournament, please post here if you want to join. The matches will begin on saturday 7:30 a.m. AEST. Each one will go until 500 points. There will be first a top 8 with 4 matches 1v1, then a top 4, so 2 matches 1v1, and then the grand final with go until 1500 points. the winner takes a copy of undead strike super for themself!

2. dzoni,

Count me in.

3. unolover,

keep putting yr names in we need alot off players

4. StormProductions,

Take me in.

5. andkuk,

count me

6. helleon,

If you haven't cleared me in the previous topic, let me in!

7. Rory101,

sorry guys, tournament was moved to sunday.

8. helleon,

Perfect. Can I confirm it's 10.30 UK time tonight?

9. Rory101,

well my friend was not there to help me host the matches so the tournament is no longer being hosted

10. unolover,

yes its

11. berniesanderslover,

i am royally confused if the tourni hasnt yet happened i would like to partake

12. StormProductions,

Looks like it's no longer happening. I'm really confused about whether it's organized today or not.

13. helleon,

Basically, as is quite regular, Amanda did not show up on time and she was one of the tournament hosts, so Rory decided not to go ahead with it

14. Rory101,

yeps pretty much. I'll try to host one on my own next weekend, saturday, 7:30 a.m. australian eastern. all that have been asked to be in will be in. just bare in mind that this is an all in all play tournament, so everyone who joins will play one big game of farkle to 800 points.
hope to see you there!

15. StormProductions,


I'll try to join, allthrough it's too morning for me and I'm not sure if I'll be up.

16. Rory101,

the tournament is opening in 5 minutes

17. HamidAli,

i want to joyn tell me wen the tournament time's pakistan

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