Last call for players for the Scopa tournament at 6pm UK time tomorrow Saturday, 7 Dec

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1. helleon,

Sorry for creating a second topic on the subject, but I felt it necessary to do so as it didn't seem fitting to edit my last post on the one already created. At any rate, a simple reminder that this tournament is going on at 6pm tomorrow UK time. Unolover, Revolutionary, Andkik and BellaBlack666 - you are all registered.

2. Rory101,

i cannot join because timezones are mean

3. unolover,

yes i am in

4. augma,

i am in

5. helleon,

So currently here's the plan: We have 2 teams of 2, namely unolover/BellaBlack666 VS Andkik and Revolutionary. Anyone who wants to sign up last minute please come here or just show up to the relevant free table at 5pm UK time.

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