Uno Tournament is back.

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31. guliwer,

count me in.

32. lyana,

count me in please

33. BellaBlack666,

No offense, but given your history on the last couple tournaments where you didn't show up, I can't trust that you will show up this time as well. I'm sure everyone else can agree with me on that I mean those who have had experience with you in the tournament. I'm speaking of Music lover

34. blaise,

count me in the standby list pleaze.

35. MagicalKrrish,

The registration is closed but we are still taking names for the stand by list.


36. helleon,

Yeah, I think there should be a publically available list of people who have a reputation for signing up but not showing up on the day.

37. Cristina ,

Bella, all of us know how the things are with unolover. So, no need to point it out making her to feel akward.
The organizers know and it is enough. Explain her in private if you really think you have to do it.
Good luck everyone and I am already looking forward at this great event. I'll be spectating and cheering for you guys!

38. Fawaz,

Guys who are in stand by list, please show up on time, because there are more players want to take part, so more likely we'll add one more group if players showed up.

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