Group draws of the Uno tournament

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Seasons greetings all!

Unfortunately we couldn't get the required number of players that we decided in the beginning. However, we manage to get 29 players registered for this uno tournament that was only in 7 days. So the show must go on.
We will change the format, we will still have best two qualifying to next round which is best 14 and then after the aliminations we will take 7 Plust the lucky loser to make the final 8.

Without further adue, these are the draws:
Group (A).,

  1. sir-yazan,
  2. ceyda


  1. makaveli,
  2. dalibor,
  3. kirin,
  4. bellablack666

Group (c).

  1. ryantheonly,
  2. angelina-princess,
  3. MagicalKrrish,
  4. Hassanraza03

Group (D).

  1. fatih-arslan,
  2. basti,
  3. undertaker,
  4. policeman1

Group (e).

  1. fawaz,
  2. ragnar,
  3. guido,
  4. guliwer

Group (F).

  1. mohammed_albasha,
  2. 2 memetucuk,
  3. marina7,
  4. captain nemo

Group (G).

  1. mogosog,
  2. everyone,
  3. bogdanionut,
  4. midomidomido


  1. the others who put up their names on the forums has been listed in the the stand by. We will replace you in if others don't turn up on time.
  2. Please do check the timings and confirm with us. I know many country has moved into day light saving.
  3. The tournament will commenced at 17:00 western, 9:00am central, 10:00 AM eastern US, 3:00pm UK 4:00pm Egypt, Albania and some other European countries, 5:00pm turkey and middle east and some eastern cities, 7:30pm in India and some other Asian countries, 2:00Am in Fiji and Australia and some other pacific Island countries.

If any queeries then please do not hesitate to contact either me or Fawaz.

Uno team.
Krrish and Fawaz.

All the best.

2. hassanraza03,

can some one tell me pakistani time?

3. MagicalKrrish,

at hassanraza03:: it will be 7 pm your time.


4. hassanraza03,

okay thanks

5. unolover,

i was not put in

6. helleon,

@unolover Most likely because you rarely ever show up for tournaments. No one knows from tournament to tournament whether you'll turn up

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