Congratulations to the winner of the Uno tournament.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Merry Christmas all!

We would like to congratulate Midomidomido for winning the uno tournament 2019. He played well through out the whole tournament overcoming some good uno players on the way before reaching to the final. In the final he played against Sir-yazan but Yazan was not able to keep up with him. Other players who made it to top were Fawaz and Makaveli. A special thanx goes to the players who took part in this tournament and those who helped in hosting different groups on different table. I also would like to thanks Fawaz for helping me and supporting me in the preparation and the duration of the tournament. WIthout him we couldn't have successfully completed another Uno tournament.

Once again, huge congratulations to the winner and merry Christmas and a happy new Year.

Till next time this is Krrish saying take care all.

Uno team.

Krrish and fawaz.

2. YNWA,

Congratulations to the Egyptian King on winning the uno tournament. Well done to the hosts with their tournament too.

3. wolfi,

and yazan disappoints me again, i gotta stop betting on this guy lol, nah but nice tournamnet keep it up team.

4. sir-yazan ,

happy new year all, thanks krish and fawaz for such a great tournament, and ali lol, i lost because you weren't chearing for me

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