Upcoming Uno Tournament

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1. berniesanderslover,

Hey all! I will be hosting an uno tournament on sunday january 5, 2020 at five p.m. eastern. There are only thirty two slots so join soon. Please note, message if u cant make it, no whows will b barred from participating in my future tournaments. THe games will have bluff, straight, interceptions and supers enabled. Looking forward to a fun filled evening and sign up soon.

2. unolover,

can i be put in

3. berniesanderslover,

Will u show up?

4. Nikola,

Sure, count me.

5. berniesanderslover,

great we have two people spread the word

6. unolover,

i will not bable to sho up i will be in mexico

7. BellaBlack666,

well I guess that answers that question, doesn't it? LOL

8. berniesanderslover,

last call if i dont get at least five more i cant have the tournament i only have two players right now

9. TheRainmaker,

I am there

10. berniesanderslover,

i am sorry folks but there is not enough participants keep watch for my next tournament announcement ... it will b soon

11. MagicalKrrish,

seriously? how didn't you get enough players for uno tournament. MagicalKrish is stunned emoticon.

12. mauro13 ,

count me

13. Rory101,

yeah, I guess there was one recently, people're probably just taking a break. you do have 4, you could do 1 match of 2, another match with the other 2 and then have the winners from those go against one another for the grand finals

14. Kristen_Star,

I haven't been here long, and when I first saw the ads for the tournament, I wanted to ask: what's the point of holding tournaments if the winners don't get any rewards? why not just implement some interesting options in this game, which can be earned in any way? playing only for fun - it's very boring. there must be excitement in any game.
thus, it turns out that the tournament, in fact, does not differ from ordinary games, except that the algorithm of the competition.

15. Vojvoda ,

playing only for fun is very boring. I think we already have the best statement of 2020

And I think all tournament organizers will be happy now since Kristen melodi is going to start sponsoring your tournaments

16. YNWA,

The PR is not about money, it is about playing games and making friends. It is a sad day when hosts will only attract players because there is a prize for the winner. Some competitions do have prize money but you have to pay a fee to enter. You should be greatful that people here put in a lot of effort to create competitions for others. You only get out of life what you are prepared to put into it.

17. Nikola,

Granted, these mini tournaments I find very pointless, and what I mean by that is the recent organizations where you have one big table with a bunch of players and you play one game with the winner being the champion. I say the same about the thing proposed here with 4 players and 2 tables, that's pretty pointless to me personally. Get at least 8 and organize tournaments either with 2 groups of 4 or with the standard knockout system, preferably 16 or 32. Yes, it's hard to manage and sometimes a real pain, but you should be prepared for that as a host.

18. YNWA,

I agree with you there Nikola, people have to be prepared to put in the leg work and look for players and not just creat a notice saying a ... tournament will be in 1 week... and expect players to put there names down and play.

19. Vojvoda ,

I thought about making my spades tournament with 2 dollar registration fee but I am certain noone would want to give money, or at least quite less people, so if people don't want to give then they can not win anything. 24 players times 2 is a nice number for the winner but meh

20. Kristen_Star,

I wrote not only about tournaments, but about the fact that you can create some interesting options, virtual money, or some advanced features and to get it, people will naturally pay, or earn such in various tournaments and other competitions. there's a new game coming out once a year, so I think the developer should have time to make the play room even more interesting. here people, apparently unaccustomed to such things, and I'm not just talking about it, because there is a similar game client for the blind, the possibilities of which are more extensive Than the game Room... So why not strive for some global innovations here as well. well, I wanted to write only about the tournament, since the topic is dedicated to it, but since some people were not far-sighted, I had to expand this topic.

21. BellaBlack666,

As far as I know, I don't think there are any new games coming out in 2020. Not that I've heard of anyway.

22. Nikola,

Since you mentioned virtual money, I assume you are talking about OnToys. In this case, both clients are built on completely different principles and if I was comparing them I would not say either is a lot better than the other one. OnToys has mainly the Russian community, so it's of course easier to organize tournaments or competitions. Yes, it does have translation support and has been translated into quite a few languages, but those communities are still relatively small, let's say at most the size of the Russian community on the playroom if not even somewhat smaller with a few exceptions of languages close to Russian like Ukraine. In addition, it has been created from the start with gambling in mind, for those who are not familiar with the client, essentially you have a virtual bet called boyses which you can use as an in game currency, to win or lose depending on how much you bet in a game. If you are out of luck, which will always eventually happen and you fall to 0, you have no choice but to by them, so unlike on here the developer does have some money income. I do like the system, but the Playroom was not built like this from the start. On the other hand, the Playroom has a web client that allows you to play on any modern OS, even if not with the same confort, allows you to play freely without any restrictions, has quite a few more strategy games, and has communities in different languages which are relatively large with a few exceptions like Russian or German. So if we are talking about being more global, there is no way the Playroom can lose with 16000 users compared to a client with about 2000. To conclude, I enjoy both designs and both developers are doing quite a great job, if you have not checked the other client I certainly recommend it. It's not fully pay to play, if you want you can create games without a bet and still enjoy them, but sadly most people enjoy much more to play with a bet so you will probably find that not a lot of people join your server. It has a few advantages of it's own, for example the fact you can play with users in a different language just fine since it's design so that the game messages are always in your own language, or the fact the games are client based so you can play offline. As I said, somewhat different design philosophies and it's certainly a great choice between both clients. I certainly hope both are available for a very long time and we can enjoy them. Unlike Playroom VS RS games where Playroom is a clear winner, this is certainly a very decent competition even if the client is not so well known in the English community yet.

23. Vojvoda ,

Virtual money like on ontoys? So you can have pointless number of something which is even more pointles. Playroom is just good as it is, practical for use, with a number of games that are not only luck based, compared to ontoys and all other platforms where 25 percent is skill and 75 luck. Because of this thank you aminiel, we love you aminiel.
At the end you have that other inovative platform so you can choose anytime between these two, numbers speak more than words, we can see what people like more.

24. Nikola,

Well, if we are being real, almost noone simply knows about the platform. If they did, possibly the numbers would be different. Let's be real, more than half of the gaming here involves 1000 miles and farkle, and not games involving strategy. People enjoy simple games. OnToys has some strategy games the Playroom does not offer,, like Checkers or Stratego, but as almost noone plays them at the end it's very useless to develop. The playroom was available in English for at least 7 years, compared to OnToys which had decent translation for only a few years, so I don't think comparing the numbers is very fair. I hate this myself, even people who join OnToys play terribly simplistic games like table tennis or football even though there are many other quite great games. This applies to both platforms, but if the number of people playing complex and strategic games increases, so will the motivation to develop more of them. Aminiel already said this many times in the past. The 75 percent luck thing applies better to RS, while OnToys does have many luck based games it's not excluding skill completely.

25. MagicalKrrish,

in my previous tournaments i did had prizes for the winner. The problem is that once we get the winner then it becomes hard to channel those prizes to the winners. not all country has the same facilities available in many other countries. On the other hand we don't have generous donours who can sponser such tournaments. As others have said its takes alot to run a tournament, alot of patients is needed. So if the organisers can sacrifice their time to put up such tournament just for fun then i think participants should be happy to just come and take part as fun, not expecting getting full benefit out of it.

26. MissEstrellaVega,

Interesting discussion, guys. I think you can try organizing a tournament with some pod for the price, this might add up something new spices to our routine in this nice platform...
On the other hand, maybe we could create our own ranking system and start giving ranking points for the player for taking higher places in the tournaments. The statistics should be easily corrected and accessible for others. And the tournament should get quolifying features, like some certain number of players, international aspect of the community and at least one or 2 old users just to make sure that it was professional enough... That could be Another way to have fun. However, this can be done only by people, who have more time which they can investigate here... :D
But of course, myself, for example, I don't come here very often anymore, or just coming for different reasons. I don't engage myself so much in social part of the playroom nor have a big inspiration to do it, but always it's only us, who can create more fun and entertainment in this platform.
BTW, it is very fun for me personally just to win a tournament without any material reward as well. This could be just possible spices to it.

27. Lemonade,

Honestly, I really don't care that there are usually no rewards. I have a full time job, so I come here for fun, however this was already the case before I got said job. I think it's outrageous to suggest tournaments must have rewards of some kind. Doing so suggests, to me at least, you forget what platforms like these are primarily about.

Not that it's surprising, to be honest. This kind of mentality seems to be everywhere nowadays. If people want to organize a reward system, that's fine. But for the love of everything that barks or meows, don't pretend tournaments are any less because there are no virtual money rewards or whatever.

28. YNWA,

The problem is the law of unintended consequences. Once you get one person offering a prize for one tournamen then others will expect them for all tournaments. Someone kindly donated a prize for Krrish's Uno tournament. That was a very kind and generous thing to do but you know you get some people who should know better who expect it to happen for all tournaments now. Maybe some will question why should I sign up for a tournament if I can't get something out of it. Those people are sad people and arn't worth bothering with.

Going back to a previous post. I don't know the Russian game website. Most in the UK don't know about any of the game sites but I hope that will improve. I think if it was easier for people to play on their phones then more from the UK would come as I know a lot that use their phone instead of a computer.

29. MissEstrellaVega,

of course guys, myself as I've told, I also come to a tournament not for the reward, but for the time. I just mean, that it always depends on us. aAnd whichever initiative you guys have, feel free to try it out. If someone needs the rewards, let them create the tournament like that.

30. helleon,

Don't mind Ontoys, but the translations for the rules for the games are not all that great.

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