New spades tournament

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello everyone

I decidet to organise again a spades tournament which will take part on next saturday and sunday 11. 12. January at 18:00 6pm London time
It will be played in teams, starting score 400 and increasing each round. Drop your names here or to me in a pernament message, as well as the name of your partner, if you don't have one I'll try to find one for you.
We will have groups of 3 or 4 teams we'lll see how many players we can collect, if we manage to collect LOL when the registration is closed I will inform you more precisely about the format

Thanks and good luck

2. policeman1,

put me down

3. helleon,

Same here

4. Vojvoda ,

Do you guys have partners already?

5. cherry-blossom,

I'm down!

6. Vojvoda ,

Very nice Cherry, we are having 16 players for now, just 8 more and we are ready to go. It's not going that bad as I thought

7. blaise,

count me in the standby list.

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