Spades tournament draw

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello everyone
Luckily we got enough participants, and even more than we wanted, thanks to Cristina who was informing players who are not active on the forum.
So, rules will be as follows:
Score limit in the group stage will be 400, and it will increase with each round by 50,
If your partner doesn't show up, leaves in the middle of a game, or in the middle of the tournament when the match should be played the team will be immediately disqualified without rights to only find a replacement for his partner, so shortened, if your partner is not here then you also shouldn't be here!
I am reminding you that cheating is not allowed and is not nice, but sadly there is not any way I could prevent it, so even if you write 0 three times with a king of spades I can't say if you were cheating or not, I can be doubting but not be certain, so guys, do not ask me to disqualify some team because of that, I just can not do it.
My apologies to Helleon because he signed up quite early and still he is not on the list, but I was unabled to make any contact with him. So helleon you will be on the standby list, and everyone who may want to play can drop me a pm or leave his name on the forum you will be included on the standby list, and I am certain we will need you guys.
Short reminder before you read the draw, tournament takes place on saturday and sunday at 18:00 6pm London time, have fun and good luck to everyone!
Group A:
ferit and midomidomido
mogosog and nastaran
Magical krrish and Guliwer

minadoapel and dalibor
Policeman1 and Cherry blossom
zulfqar007 and Areyana

Group C:
Ahdevefa and mahmutaksu
cristina and dave
miralina and Makxx

Koo_Loo_Cheh and RyanTheOnly
vojvoda and bronze bomber
Bulentsavas and Enver

2. YNWA,

I wish you all good luck for the tournament and some more than others, lol. The mighty reds play just before this tournament gets going but I hope to catch you up after the game and hope all goes well.

3. helleon,

My apologies that I haven't been reachable the last few days, and assuming the tournament went ahead today I have probably missed it. Best of luck to all tomorrow and my sincerest apologies if I could've been of assistance.

4. berniesanderslover,

am i too late to join sorry was ill and not around last few days

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