Quarter final draws Spades tournament

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello everyone
The quarter final draws look like this:
guliwer and MagicalKrrish VS cristina and dave,
zulfqar007 and Areyana VS Bulentsavas and Enver,
Vojvoda and Bronze Bomber VS Cherry blossom and blaise,
Basti and efsun VS miralina and Makxx
Tournament starts again at 6pm UK time, the only difference is that score limit will be 450.

2. Cristina ,

The most interesting and nicest match will be Guliwer MagicalKrri vs Cristina Dave.
The other matches are quite easy and we already can know who will make it for the semi-final.
Good luck everybody!

3. Vojvoda ,

My suggestion is let's write down your predictions here so we can see after the matches whether you only were talking bullshit or actually were right.

btw Nice way to make an excuse for the potentional loss.

4. Cristina ,

Your team surely will lose... smile!
This can be called bullshit.
Good luck though and do not cry if you lose...

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