2020 Spades tournament winner

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello guys, let's just greet our champions Guliwer and Magical Krrish and congratulate them for their awesome performance.
They have beaten Efsun and Basti in the finals, so I need to say big congratulations for these two as well, they both came as a replacement for Ferit and Mido Mido because they did not show up. Basti and Efsun did not even plan to play together but they had some quite good team work.
One more interesting fact, our finalists were in the same group at the beginning of the tournament! And the first match was won by Basti and Efsun.
Now I need to thank all players who showed up in time, every host of tables, and all players on the standby list especially blaise whose politeness and patience unbelievably surprised me! And stay tuned because we might have a league soon!
Enjoy your crown Krrish and Guliwer

2. Fawaz,

Congratulations buddy good work.

3. YNWA,

Well played Krrish and Guliwer. Get ready to win another one soon and well done to the host.

4. Miralina,

Congratulations guys and thanks to organizers for such a good tournament!

5. MissEstrellaVega,

congrats guys, you always suck with these victories! But also please say thanks, that I was not there, otherwise you might not have won! :D:D

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