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1. Adventure-Time,

How are you guys doing? Enjoying 2020 so far? I hope yes.
As you may (or might not) know, this year is a leap year, meaning this odd February 29th is going to happen. Let's make the unique day even more unique by putting some special game in the mix, what do you say?
Scientific war is good enough I think. We have already had one tournament held nearly 3 years ago, and I remember it being a wonderful experience thanks to my amazing fellow organizer, and specially thanks to all of you who had participated and helped to keep a smooth running.
Back to this year, though. The tournament will take place on Saturday, February 29th at 2 PM GMT. Since the game's relatively small players base, at this moment I haven't decided about the final number of participants. I'm hoping to get 16 players for now, so all rounds would take the form of a 1 V 1 match. It might change eventually. I'll update this information soon enough if that happens of course.
If you're interested in taking part, don't hesitate to drop a message here on the forum, or just hit me privately. With a pm. Before signing in, make sure to take a brief look at the online instructions and check if you'Re familiar with every game aspect. You definitely want to have an idea of what all the special cards are and what they do, including the joker's behavior, so that nothing surprises you for no reason during the tournament.
And that's it for now. Good times to you, and hope to see you on February 29th! Thanks for reading.

2. BellaBlack666,

Count me in

3. andkuk,

count me

4. unolover,

count me in

5. helleon,

Count me in dude cheers

6. Dayan,

Yooo count me in.

7. Vojvoda ,

Three years ago I had to be absent for that weekend and now again, bro you really know when to exclude me from the tournament so I don't win :D
Anyways wish you all a good luck let the war be with cards only.

8. majoz,

Yo man, tick my name please. I use "tick", because I am sure my name is written in the list already, it's just waiting to be confirmed. :D

9. Cristina ,

Hey, hey, please count me in.

10. DarthSidious ,

Ah, is it still allowed to sign up? Cause if yes, count me in as well. :)

11. Adventure-Time,

Of course. Your name is in. I am more than happy to see that many of you are interested to participate. I am going to wait a little bit more, so do not hesitate to ask for a spot if you like. I will probably close the registration at the end of this week.

12. Nikola,

Greetings. Sign me up for sure.

13. Rory101,

oh come on! why does it have to be at 1 a.m.!

14. Adventure-Time,

Yesss! Hi guys!
Saturday is here in two shakes of a duck's tail, and it's time to bring you some more information.
Let me reveal the draw results for you first. We got 16 participants (Thanks all of you who signed up!), thus we can follow the standard pattern of one on one matches. Hence there will be eight games played in the first round. To slightly speed things up, there will be two game tables running simultaneously, one helt by Marina7 and the other one by myself. The matches are as follows.

Group I:

  1. BellaBlack666 vs Majoz
  2. Cristina vs Dianacician
  3. Dayan vs Grzegorz
  4. Andkuk vs Rincewind

Group II:

  1. General Hux vs YNWA
  2. Marina7 vs Unolover
  3. Miralina vs Fawaz
  4. Helleon vs Mogosog

I would also like to confirm that no change has been made regarding the tournament's starting time, we shall begin at 2 PM GMT. It would be very nice and well appreciated if you could arrive a couple of minutes before that, as long as your schedule allows you to, of course. I will create a free table around 1:30 PM GMT, where we all can gather and say hi to eachother if we like to. When all participants are online, we shall split into the two groups.
In case either me or Marina7 is not in your friends list, please check your privacy settings and set "who can send me invitations" to "everybody except blocked people" for the time of the tournament. Should you have some questions, complaints or should you find something unclear, definitely feel free to ask here or contact me privately.
I guess the only thing I need to do for now is to wish good luck to all of you who take part, as well as to all of you who don't, since everybody deserves luck. Stay fresh, keep practicing, and do not forget to have some food meanwhile. And drink.
Best regards,

15. helleon,

Sorry, won't make it. Somethings' just come up

16. farzad,

hi count me please

17. Adventure-Time,

Ooo. At the last minute. You're in, taking the spot of Helleon. Get ready guys!

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