yotsy turniment

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1. unolover,

its been a long time sins we had a yotsyturniment
i will be hosting one at aleven oclock am satterday
each groop will have fore players and thetop three will moov to the next round sign up here or drop me a pm to sign up

2. TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta,

interesting. wish i could, was thinking of signing up but then remember have my last exam that time. mehmehmeh. tha'ts why i posted enicially to say i will but now have to edit. sorry guys.

Latest edition by TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta, Feb 25 2020 07:56:49

3. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

I would like to join, but please tell me when will it be organized according to my timezone, gmt+03:30 tehran

4. unolover,

at coulachay where are u from

5. Adventure-Time,

@Koo_Loo_Cheh, it would be 10:30 PM for you.

6. BrunkacatarelotenGa ,

Count me in

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