The scientific war tournament winner

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1. Adventure-Time,

Hi guys!
I should begin by expressing a huuuge congratulations to Majoz, who can now proudly call himself the champion of the on-going leap year's scientific war tournament. He definitely proved to master this game of mind-power and psychology, and successfully managed to play out all of his four opponents, first smashing the diabolic BellaBlack666 in the first round, thereafter shortening the Adventure of Rincewind in the quarter-final, neutralizing Dayan's power in the semi-final, and ultimately winning against his co-finalist, which was Miralina. Congrats again, sir!
What I personally like about scientific war is that unlike all other card games, there is no shuffling and no random dealing involved, and you can observe the game with knowing exactly what goes on, without guessing. That said, I need to point out that this tournament has been certainly one of the most exciting pr tournaments for me so far. I was not able to watch all the games, but the ones I was a witness off were all very interesting, with a bunch of unexpected reversals and surprises. The match between Dayan and Grzegorz is a good example of what I'm talking about, another one would be the extremely short game between Diana and Diana, or the first duel of Cristina and Dianacician. I do not want to sound like I'm exegerating too much, but at the conclusion of the final match I was all sweated. Seriously.
Thus I would like to thank everybody for joining, turning up on time (we had pretty much no problem with absentees whatsoever), for your patience, and simply for all the wonderful and thrilling moments. Also, big thanks go to Marina7 for taking care of the other table of course, and respect to Bella who came to play using only her mobile phone.
Please feel free to bring in here any kind of feetback if you like to.
And that's all from me. I hope you all have a good time. Stay well, and try not to lose the... Game! :)

2. BellaBlack666,

Luckily this game wasn't extremely complicated to play on my phone. Also, nice job to the winners.

3. Dayan,

Congratulations, @Majoz! Do you mind if I share the place with you? :D Deffinitely a great tournament and something I'd be up for repeating once more! It's great that more people seem to play scientific war now, thus more such tournaments can be done. As for my match against Grzegorz I can't believe how I survived it. The match Diana vs Diana was a really short one and I missed having times to actually play, but well... And Dayan vs Majoz was... Way shorter than I expected, but glad my opponent ended up champion of this tournament :)
Thank you for this tournament, the best and most organized I've been at so far, looking forward to the next one! :)
Once more, congrats!

4. Nikola,

Congratulations to Majoz and thanks for a great tournament. It was a lot of fun to play, and as you have said watch others play this fantastic game created by a fantastic developer of this platform. Yes, I agree that this tournament should definitely happen more often than once in 3 years :)
I'm glad people were there on time and everything ran smoothly. Best of luck to any future tournaments, which I will definitely try to be a part of.

Latest edition by Nikola, Mar 3 2020 22:38:39

5. Rincewind,

Congratulations Majoz! Very smartly played against all opponents. It was fun to watch and play in the tournament. Thank you for organizing it, adventure.
Looking forward to the tournament next Leap day

6. YNWA,

Well done on winning the tournament and you had to battle a lot to win the title but don't drink too much out of the trophy lol.

7. unolover,

conngarts majose

8. majoz,

Yo, thanks everyone for your congratulations. I must say that I wasn't looking forward as much to this tournament. In fact, I thought I'm gona lose in 5 minutes and I'll be free. But throughout the first minutes, I got a lot interested into battling my opponents and seeing all of the participants battle theirs, and it brought a lot of enjoinment to me. I must also thank a-t for such a great organisation, because as some of you already said, everything ran smoothly and we had no bigger complications. I am very proud to be the winner of such an event, and am looking forward to joining the tournament as soon as one comes again. Aand this is all from me, many thanks for your attention. Majoz over, and out! :)

9. Cristina ,

congratulations Majoz, you won it like a skilled general. Well done!
Thank you Adventure for organizing such a great tourney and especially for your very smart and well written report about it.
Looking forward for the next one, who knows, maybe on the first of april?

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