Scopa Escoba: Let's get it on

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1. Timebomb,

Hey guys, posting on behalf of Unolover here. She will like to have a Scopa tournament on the 21st of March. It will be at 3 P.M EST. The format consists of 16 participants playing four-way matches. The top two scores will move onto the next round from where it will be 1 V 1 matches all the way through. The matches will be 16 points for victory with two points ahead rule enabled. Please drop your name below if interested! P.S Please double check the time this will start in your local country before signing up.

2. unolover,

sign up here

3. andkuk,

count me on tournament

4. delmar-barry,

Will she turn up after all? Um, I mean...

5. unolover,


6. BrunkacatarelotenGa ,

And the GMT hour?

7. blaise,

hello, count me in pleaze. thanks.

8. Adventure-Time,

Hello. I would like to sign in. Thanks.

9. Ramon-Salazar,

I'd like to participate

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Mar 14 2020 11:29:37

10. unasombraalazar ,

count me in plz

11. DianaCician,

well, count me in

12. Timebomb,

Hello guys, this still is on course to go ahead. We currently have 9 confirmed parrtiicipants. The GMT time is 7 PM UTC. Please dont forget to show up..

13. unolover,

keep puting yr names in

14. Timebomb,

Good day everyone. I held off doing the draw for this tournament as long as I could for last minute entries but now that there is less than 24 hours to go, I have adapted to a 12 person format. We will be doing 4 matches of three, with the two best scores going on where they will play in 1 v 1 quarters, semis and finals. Same game rules stated above applies. Good luck! The groups are as follows:
Rincewind (table host)

Unolover (table host)

TheRainMaker (table host)

Magicalkrrish (table host)

15. Cristina ,

Put me on the standby list. I can play if someone will not show up to play his/her matches.
Good luck everybody!

16. the.raven,

put me on the stand by list too thx

17. Timebomb,

Hello everyone! After a fun and smooth Scopa tournament today with barely any absent players, Rincewind defeated The.Raven in the final to be the victor. I want to thank Unolover for initiating this tournament and everyone who participated, hosted tables and assisted in the organization. Well done!

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