Spades League 2020

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1. TheRainmaker,

Hello everyone, I would like to organize a Spades league. It requires a maximum of 10 teams. It will begin as soon as all spots are filled. It will be played in the traditional 4-hand team style with a score limit of 569 points. Matches can be played when everyone is available. A trusted person in the match will be entrusted to submit accurate scores. Each team must play two matches per week. A win is worth 3 points. After all teams have played each other once, the victors will be the ones with the highest tally of points. Please sign up below with your partners name included after their agreement. If you cannot find a partner, please let me know immediately. Thank you, let's kill this.

2. berniesanderslover,

i will play

3. GeneralHux,

Let's try. Count me in!

4. unolover,

i will play

5. TheRainmaker,

Hello everyone. I am here to update on this league after a chaotic and exciting week 1. Firstly, I would like to correct my error of writing a 569 score limit when it was supposed to be 469. I had to take the tough decision to leave out some people due to those who came with partners and those who I could guarantee the knowledge of the game signing in. During the course of the first weeks games, we had teams splitting, dropping out and being excluded due to not showing up for scheduled matches. We are down to 8 teams which are: Nikola and TheRainMaker, Kure and Insayder, Visi and Haki, Blaise and Azawagh, Miralina and YNWA, Cupidon and Basti, Mogosog and Undertaker and The.Raven and Jose. The results of week one saw Nikola and TheRainmaker win both of their matches for 6 points, Kure and Insayder also with 2 wins, Basti and Cupidon on 6 via one win and a no show, The.Raven and Jose on 3 after a no show and a loss, Blaise and Azawagh holding 1 w and 1L for 3 points and finally Mogosog and Undertaker and Visi and haki on 0 having played 1 match only. In this case, I have made a special allowance for them to play their match this week as it was down to both teams not having the ideal time rather than one missing. I should also note that even though this is not a perfect system, for the two teams that dropped out, for who have not been able to play them up to this point, and not been awarded "no show" points, will be awarded the +3/6 at the end. There is no other better solution that I can come up with having already declared results and not wanting to go back on them. I have tried my best to patch up a very broken situation so that we can all continue having fun. With that, I would like to thank everyone for their participation so far and continued participation and announce this week's schedule as:

Round 3:
Nikola and The RainMaker VS YNWA and Miralina
Kure and Insayder versus Visi and Haki
Basti and Cupidon versus Mogosog and Undertaker
Blaise and Azawagh Versus The.Raven and Jose

Round 4:
Nikola and The RainMaker Versus Basti and Cupidon
Kure and Insayder Versus Blaise and Azawagh
Miralina and YNWA Versus Visi and Haki
Mogosog and Undertaker Versus The.Raven and Jose

Latest edition by TheRainmaker, Mar 23 2020 18:53:50

6. Dayan,

Good luck to all of you! Hopefully things will go better for the league this week. :)

7. TheRainmaker,


Mogosog and Undertaker Versus Miralina and YNWA has already taken place in the last round's matches. It will now be Miralina and YNWA Versus Visi and Haki and Mogosog and Undertaker Versus The.Raven and Jose. Thank you.

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