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1. Nikola,

Greetings to all of you. It has been quite a long time since we had a Jass tournament, thus I'm planning to organize one next weekend. To be exact, saturday april 4th and sunday april 5th. Tables will be hosted at 8 PM UK time. If you are not sure what it is in your timezone, you can visit
this link and it should show in your local time. If it does not work, feel free to message and ask. We are aiming for 8 teams, however even if the number was reached feel free to register. You will be on the standby list, and if we reach 8 teams on the standby list, I will be extending the tournament to 16 teams instead. It would be ideal to first find a partner and register, but if you cannot find anyone we will try to find one for you. Note that however already formed teams take the priority.
The tournament will be played in a standard elimination format. The registrations will be closed on thursday april 2nd and the draw will be posted on friday april 3rd. The score limit for the first round (or first two rounds if we have 16 teams) will be 1000. For the semifinal it will be 1500, and for the final 2000.
Each table will of course have a master who will be responsible to submit scores. If you can, save the game history as well in case of any problems, but hopefully that won't be needed.
If you have any opinions or questions, feel free to ask. The first post will always be up to date with a list of all teams registered so far.
Thanks and good luck!

Currently registered, 5 out of 8 teams:

Latest edition by Nikola, Mar 30 2020 16:17:40

2. TheRainmaker,

I would like to sign-in me and Rincewind as a team. Thanks

3. Cristina,

Hello, please write down Aurel's and my name.
We will team up together.
Thank you!

4. YNWA,

Miralina and I would be delighted to join this tournament.


5. unolover,

me and under would like to sign up

6. Nikola,

Thanks all for registering so quickly. We are missing 3 teams so if you know anyone who likes this game, let them know about the tournament.

7. TheRainmaker,

Come on guys! Sign in

8. blaise,

pleaze count me in with chipss.

9. Nikola,

Greetings. As we did not get confirmation from Undertaker, that team has thus been removed and we are down to 5 teams, so 3 spots remaining. Please do not sign up if you did not ask your partner first and got a confirmation from them. Unfortunately, due to quite low demand for this game, we might have to change the format slightly if we don't get 8 teams. There is still time to sign up however, and if 8 teams do not sign up by thursday I will extend the registration to friday.

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