Ducks Race Tournament Match ups And Table Masters

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1. Lexi714,

Hi everyone, here are the ducks race tournament match ups and table masters for Saturday.
cristina and lexi714. The table master will be Cristina
ethan714 and philsfan. The table master will be ethan714
unolover and bagelgirl, table master will be unolover
Lemonade and Nikola. Table master is lemonade
driad and SametAlim, table master is driad.
Adventure-Time and nastaran, table master will be adventure-time
Koo_Loo_Cheh and Godfather, table master will be godfather
Dianacician and thendoftheocean, table master will be DianaCician

If any one has any questions or confusions about either the match ups or table masters, please permanent message me.

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2. ethan714,

something else I personally would like to add
as I am assuming most players in the matchups aren't on each other's friends list, I recommend personally for the tournament opening your invites to everybody except blocked people.
if you don't feel like doing this that's fine, I just figured that this could make things a little easier.

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