Playroom v2.0.5 connecting problem

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1. Anneau-de-Saturne,

This message is for people who downloaded the playroom client v2.0.5 thurstday 18 april between 19:30 and 21:45 GMT

A problem with some people whose password :

  • is too short
  • contains special characters
  • etc.

A new playroom client version has been published. It fix that identification problem. You can download it at :

2. patience,

when i try to connect, i receive this error message:

this happens even after i updated to the latest version. any solution please?

3. Aminiel,

Some people have that problem, you aren't alone. We are investigating, we will tell you if we have news.

4. Aminiel,

The problem mentionned above should have disappeared now.

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