New client version 1.6.1

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

This news is a little late because I prefered first fix a minor bug before releasing the final definitive version. Here is thus version 1.6.2 of the client, and version 1.6 of the server as well.

  • F2 disappears and is replaced by the new definitive chat zone. One can reach that zone directly by pressing Alt+C.
  • One can also directly reach the menu list by pressing Alt+L or Alt+M, and the history by pressing Alt+H
  • First letter navigation is available in certain menus. It is only the case if it doesn't make conflicts with other keyboard shortcuts.
  • In games using grids or 2D boards, one can now directly reach edges by pressing Ctrl+Direction. One can also use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End to go to the first or last item, in all menus.
  • In the chat zone, you have now an history which allow you to recall last nicknames you wrote to in private. Use up and down arrows to navigate in the chat history.
  • A table master can now invite someone in his table, even if it is private, with the new shortcut Ctrl+I. The invited person get a message and can accept the invitation by pressing Ctrl+I as well.
  • One can now delete a saved game in the restore table menu by pressing delete. Delete works also in 1000 miles to junk a card.
  • Audio library changed to BASS

Have fun !

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