it hangs so much

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1. sonu,

the play room is hanging is very often, it is damaging all the games very oftenly, and this problem is not solving even after reinstalling the playroom!

2. moongazer ,

hmmmm..... interesting I don't have that problem and I know a lot of people who use it don't have the problem. maybe it's your computer?

3. Burak,

It crashes sometimes. It brings a usual send/ don't send buttons sometimes.

4. GailRearden ,

well and after it crashes, it doesn't only crash your game but you too I mean you're kicked out of the game and such. and also if I want to find someone is there a better way to find them can't you add a feature a combo box or something that I can find the player without looking through all the list with w and stuff like that, so I can easily locate someone?

5. netmourad,

to find someone quickly,you may join him directly in his table by pressing CTRL+j, then tipe his name in the dialog box which appears and press enter.

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