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1. LeeChoonHee,

hello people. today I tried to change my name but it doesn't accepted the name I wanted and I choosed another name. so I wanted to change my nickname to appleInc, but it says that this name is invalid or banned. wondering why is that?

2. Saniel_Morse,

I think that's because it is a name from a comercial enterprise, but it's not a hurting name or something like that. I guess it's the first reason.

3. topSpeed ,

you can try apple , cause maybe INC is not allowed due to no advertizements rule in playroom.

4. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Apple isn't available since it's used.

5. topSpeed ,

well yeah , but adding something to it works. Main point was that apple nickname isn't banned

6. LeeChoonHee,

I tried putting underlines between apple and inc, I tried putting period, I capitalized the first letter of inc but nothing.

7. topSpeed ,

because if inc is the word that i think is making the problem , then everything inc will not be allowed.

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,


Maybe this name has been used previously or banned by the administrators.
• Try any name else, proviting no companies nicknames.
• Use numbers with the nickname if the administrators didn't banned this name.

9. jonutnud123456,

how to changing nick? i needs to changing my name.

10. each-and-everythinh ,

go to http://www.qcsalon.net/en/options and log in , there you will find the option

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