something happened with restoring the table

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1. Pavkov,

hy all something happened when i tryed to restore one of my free tables i got a message The table couldn't be restored. An error occured while restoring the table can someone explain what does it mean

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,


If you had people on the table and you saved the table, they should back to main room, after that, you can restore your table normally.


3. The-merchant,

That doesn't happen with free tables.

4. dementress ,

Sometimes that happens. I had the same problem months ago, and more than once. But well, I just create another table.

5. topSpeed ,

is there even a point in saving a free table?

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

No point of this, but it's a personal things I guess.

Sometimes I do that, restoring my table.


7. dementress ,

I do save them sometimes, to don't be creating and creating. I just restore and well the last audio stream i played is suppose to still there, so well... :D

8. topSpeed ,

didn't knew that about audio streams , but actually it's logical that the last audio stream should be there :d

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