something happened with restoring the table

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1. Joe-Ragland,

hy all something happened when i tryed to restore one of my free tables i got a message The table couldn't be restored. An error occured while restoring the table can someone explain what does it mean

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,


If you had people on the table and you saved the table, they should back to main room, after that, you can restore your table normally.


3. majoz,

That doesn't happen with free tables.

4. dementress ,

Sometimes that happens. I had the same problem months ago, and more than once. But well, I just create another table.

5. topSpeed,

is there even a point in saving a free table?

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

No point of this, but it's a personal things I guess.

Sometimes I do that, restoring my table.


7. dementress ,

I do save them sometimes, to don't be creating and creating. I just restore and well the last audio stream i played is suppose to still there, so well... :D

8. topSpeed,

didn't knew that about audio streams , but actually it's logical that the last audio stream should be there :d

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