Blocked users still being in my friends list, although they've blocked me

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1. afrim,

I am posting here to report a sudden and possible bug I ran into yesterday. So, I came online around 9:00 PM, and I saw one of my friends whom I had talked to before. I was thinking of asking him about his routine, how was it all going, but as soon as I pressed enter on my message, it stated: this person has blocked you! You are not allowed to send, invite, or join his tables and so on.
Not so much caring to know why did this person block me, not feeling despaired either, but I am very curious to know why does this problem occur, because when we get blocked by somebody, we shouldn't normally see him/her in our friends list, neither in the players list when pressing ctrl+U. despite being able to se what does this blocker do in the mainroom. I say this because the case might be far more extreme to another person, where the blocker might put offencive status messages towards the one who blocked and he, who can read it may feel very sad and depressed.
I would be very grateful if you could take the time to investigate on this bug. It would be highly appreciated.

2. Saniel_Morse,

I'm not very sure if this is going to be taken into consideration, because in real life when someone doesn't want to see you anymore for any reason, it does not mean that disappears from your life. You could find him sitting in some cafe or in the bus, I guess this is the same thing with chats. Although we have problems with certain person, there should not be needed to take him/her out of the connected people. It's more logical to think about the fact that it's possible to see the one who blocked you into your friends list, because that's something a little bit weird. So if you think it convenient the only thing you can do is to delete him from your friends list. Or, what about if when block someone this person will disappear from the friends list? That could be a better thing, I guess. Because it's like wondering: why do I want to have someone whom I don't want to keep talking? Regards

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3. Pavkov,

It is not bug but it is abnormal for me that someone block me and i still have him her in friends list

4. LeeChoonHee,

this is not a bug

5. Aminiel,

That's not a bug. although it looks strange to be on that state, friends list and blocked list are totally independent.

6. afrim,

Thank you for your answer

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