a bug with windows client and grid based games

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1. topSpeed ,

hello , i would like to report one bug : When you play games that use grids such as connect four or battleship client can encounter strange focussing issues. Heres how you can reproduce the bug : first create a table of for example connect four , then start the game. Now alt tab from the client and then get back to it by alt tabbing again and you will not be able to use anything in the client because the focus will be completely lost. After that you have to close it from the task manager and re open it to use it again. It's a somewhat annoying bug so i hope it can be corrected in a future version of the playroom client.

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I didn't get it.
Strange bug.
Never happened.
You didn't explained it right, or I didn't get your enquiry.
But eventually, never happened for me.

3. Adventure-Time,

I must agree with you Topspeed. This bug's driving me crazy. For a while I was quite sure it keeps happening only to me and my mysterious buggy computer, like many other things. But it seems I'm not the only one who's encountering this lil issue. I've been experimenting with the bug a bit, and I figured out that the clyent doesn't always crash when alt-tabbing, but certainly does after going to the desktop. Hope this helps.

4. fani ,

solution is alt plus m

5. Adventure-Time,

Wow! It works, thanks for that. It's definitely much more comfortable than shutting down the pr with task manager. Yey.

6. fani ,

glad to hear

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