Bug with sending inbox

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1. Raki,

So this is the message I get when trying to send an inbox to some friends.

"Your message couldn't be sent: ___ doesn't exist."
(I substituted the name for the underlines)
And I'm certan they exist!
The thing is, I tried sending another friend an inbox, and it worked.
So it works for a few, doesn't work for another few.
Try sending inboxes and let me know if you encounter the same problem.

2. marina7,

hello, this is a bug we're aware of. and admins are working on it. if you discover how to produce it, it would be nice to tell us your input here.
still can't define yet where the problem is to solve it. thank you

3. each-and-everythinh ,

hello , i did some testing today: first , i tryed to send a message to one of my friends , his username is bastibasti , it worked. Then , i tryed sending message to another friend who's username is draza.mihajlovic , and i got this error Your message couldn't be sent: draza.mihajlovic doesn't exist. Only thing that comes to my mind is that possibly , it doesn't work when name has punctuation. Other than that , i really don't know why it doesn't work when the name definitely exists.

Latest edition by each-and-everythinh , Feb 14 2016 18:36:21

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well it's a strange bug. And when I send an inbox, it says: "OKMessage sent"
It was without OK.
Anyway. I will try send you an inbox.

5. MagicalKrrish,

Hey guys, i was able to find a sollution to this problem. The inbox message only can be sent to the person to their real registered names, I mean the way a player chosen to be registered, for instants, I registered as MagicalKrrish, so you will be only be able to send me permanant messages if only the letters M and K are captalised, but for those who registered only with lower case then it should be fine, and if you not sure how a player is registered then try to go to a players stetistics page to see their registered name and then try sending inbox messages, i m sure you will be able to do that.

Regards, Krrish

6. marina7,

hello guys. it's exactly as MagicalKrrish found out. so for now if you can't send an inbox to anyone try playing with the capitals. we'll inform you when this issue will be solved.

7. Saniel_Morse,


Since some time hago it happened something worse, though I'm not pretty sure about how to reproduce it:

I tried to send a message with an audiogame to a friend, but this one had arrived to one of the recent messages into the forum! I was sure that I entered her username correctly, even I pressed CTRL+Shift+M to do so, but anyway the message changed its way. It also happened with some other persons, too.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Feb 18 2016 05:46:40

8. Cristina,

Oh, yes, it happend the same with my messages what I've sent to the organizers of uno league.
I've found them on the forum, on {the latest participation} section.
Moreover, sometimes it did not work when i've wanted to send a permanent message, saying that the recipient or the topic is too short. smile

9. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I actually tried to send you an inbox, and it was successfully sent without any problem. So it works. :D greetings.

10. dementress ,

oh arial yeah. once i wanted to send a message to a friend, but it was posted in the last topic on the forum!

11. each-and-everythinh ,

o god , that is terrible , glad it never happened to me.

12. dementress ,

Lol yeah i had to edit the thing and change it cuz it wasn't suppose to be sent, so well as i can not delete it, or at least didn't find the option, i had just to edit.

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Oh my God lol. Suggestions and comment's forum is pointless. Because we're suggesting, and no admin care. :D so what is the point... :D

14. sound2,

I wonder where is the admin/admins? Yes, I also saw that, very strange, if it's private messages, that you only recieve in your inbox then no one else should see it.

15. aminelog25,

this hapenes when some one his name has capital leterrs, for example, when I try to send a message to Adventure-Time, this message apears

16. Aminiel,

Don't worry, we are still there. There is simply nothing special to say, everything has already been said: recipient names are case sensitive.

It seems to be a MySQL bug, as nicknames are case sensitive in certain circunstances but not in others (for example, when you login, it's not case sensitive; and it wasn't case sensitive when writing a PM wheither, until one of our latest updates, for no apparant reason).

For the other bug of a PM becoming a forum post, I remember that it effectively happened once, but it never happened again since. We have no clue about what could have caused it. Perhaps it is now solved, perhaps not.

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