1000 Miles Bug

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1. Tyros3 ,

Hi! We found one bug on 1000 miles. When you use the red light against the other teams. you could still their turn by using Priority card. We think this is a bug.

2. lauradee,

My problem with this game is that, especcially, it seems, if I'm winning, when it comes past 900 miles, it won't let me draw any cards.

3. Aminiel,

This bug should have been fixed now. A player of the same team can't intercept an attack of his own team.

4. oaron,

I'd like to read the rule of 1000 miles, but when I open it, I get a 404 error message.

5. Burak,

Look at it again. Maybe it is fixed now. I was read the rules some while ago.

6. bob-de-huisbaas,

also, by some dirty tricks, you can fix other problums for example:
I did play a speed limit card against a bot. a time later, I did play a concence card against him and he did made a dirty trick with the prioryty vehicle card. it did fix the speed limit tho.

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