Problem when changin nickname

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1. Saniel_Morse,


I've tried to change my nickname tonight in the website. I typed the password and the new nickname in the corresponding edit text fields, but the system takes me back to the beginning. So, the original username still appears in there, and there is not any notification or some other message where you know if the name is going to be examined or if it's invalid or not. My new nickname was about to be The_Revenant if you can tell me if it's copyrighted or not. Might it be that the changing request has been sent but the system does not let me know? Thanks a lot!

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Now welcome the Arial 15. :D , :D

3. aminelog25,

It shows the notify after the delete account button.

4. Saniel_Morse,

No, I remember that when you changed your name before, the system showed you a notification saying that the changing user request has been sent to the admins, but now, it has been sent silently.

5. aminelog25,

But Night is a short nick name, or maybe some one using It already.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There are problems in changing the nickname.
Who remembers my problem? When I was changed it and tried to enter the Windows client but I couldn't?

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