bug with permanent messages

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1. el_italiano,

dear people from playroom,

i'm writing back in order to report a bug with permanent messages.
it's always giving me a forum error 610 each time i try to send a message, so i can't send it at all.

2. each-and-everythinh ,

that's weird , i never received that error

3. aminelog25,

strange. I never herd about that bug.

4. Aminiel,

Most of the time, it is due to the fact that one or more recipients are misspelled.

Up to quite recently, the lower/upper case wasn't taken into account, but now it is. This is because of a weird bug we're still investigating about.

5. el_italiano,

it's still strange, because i am not actually writing the recipient's name, i'm taking it from my friends list. i go to my friends list, choose the person i wanna send a message to and then the send permanent message option. no possibility to make spelling mistakes then!

6. Aminiel,

Ah... in that case it's more problematic than I though.

7. Saniel_Morse,

I do think that this is more case sensitive, because when even you choose it from the friends list, all the letters are writte without capitals. No exceptions; perhaps that's what's happening with your friend here.

8. el_italiano,

actually most nicks are without capitals. well, at least those in my friends list

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