chess: export of the board where castling bug happens

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1. each-and-everythinh ,

hello everyone especially aminiel , here is the text of the export dialog , note: when you press f1 it states that shortcut for export functions is ctrl+o , but it's shift+h , i needed to press random shortcuts to figure that out so i think you should update that. Anyway , here goes the export[Event "Online game on QCPlayroom"]
[Site ""]
[Date 2016.03.19"]
[Round "1"]
[White "uuujebote"]
[Black "grobar"]
[WhiteType "HUMAN"]
[BlackType "HUMAN"]
[Result "*"]

  1. Ng1-h3. pd7-d5
  2. Pg2-g3. ng8-f6
  3. Pg3-g4. pg7-g6
  4. Pg4-g5. bf8-g7
  5. Pe2-e3. bg7-h6
  6. Bf1-b5+. O-O

2. Vojvoda,

Thanks for the information. I always was pressing ctrl plus o and was comfused why it doesn't work.

3. each-and-everythinh ,

me also but once i was pressing random shortcuts and found that out , also another report , in windows client , most of the items in shift f10 menu do not do anything , example , there is an item called view threats at that square , but it doesn't do anything. Also , there are 3 items simply saying change to view d and they also don't do anything and i don't even know what are they supposed to do

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