When I restore the table. It's My screen reader is crazy.

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1. AcaaFaaca ,

When I try to restore the table, my screen reader begins his crazy session And I don't kno what to do.
Help me!

2. Vojvoda,

what exactly happens with screen reader

3. AcaaFaaca ,

What happends, screen reader says several things at the same time. For example:
That's a - You rol the - farcul 50 points - dice 6 6 4 2 - have bin - that's a - lost.
Really like abuv.

4. Vojvoda,

I don't understand

5. AcaaFaaca ,

you don't understand? If you want one more example it's below.
you land on - you draw a comunity - incom tax pay - chest card pay - 500 simbul - your internet - you rol - service provider - 6 and 4 - 48 simbul.

6. Vojvoda,

okay you should improve your english

7. Mayana,

He is saying that whenever he restores a table, his screen reader starts saying many random things, one after another, aka. is going crazy. it, from what I understood, starts repeating some random text from the game. the way he wrote it was pritty understandable. And for the first poster, what screen reader are you using?

8. AcaaFaaca ,

jaws for windows.

9. basket,

I was unable to replicate this with jaws. I believe this is entirely isolated to the user.

10. soundarya,

try setting the thing to highlighted or none by pressing insert pluss s
when its in all it kinda spams

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