Web sounds problem

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1. AcaaFaaca ,

Hei, I have one question. What web player or add-on we nead to install on the mobil phone to here the sounds from the web client?

2. each-and-everythinh ,

you don't need any player , just go to options , then web options and make sure that play sounds checbox is checked

3. AcaaFaaca ,

thank you

4. aminelog25,

The web client isn't accessible in windows phone. oh.

5. The-merchant,

I tried to do the same with apple, nothing happened. It doesn't work i suppose.

6. fire-starter,

me too, didn't work for me too

7. each-and-everythinh ,

hm don't know , i'm using android and they work , i guess they should work on i phone as well

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

My experience with web client!
Since in my network system, the web client doesn't work for me. Although I'm playing the RS games from its web client once. I posted previously about my problem. And I didn't get a satisfied answer. Anyways, I went to my cousin's house once, then I connected on his wi-fi. Then I visited the qcsalon.net website to connect and play there. Typed my details as password and username as you already know. Successfully logged in. Eh? It's so nice for now. I pressed play link, then yeah, it has been successfully connected. I was so happy of trying the web client for the first time. But a strange thing. Why sounds don't work for me? Although I heard the sounds when my friend played through web client. I went to options, then web settings or something, then I got an option in the name of web sounds, or something like that. I checked it, then I closed Safari, then returned anew. And now? Sounds are working for me nicely
Although I guess web client settings needs more options.

9. Snowflake,

It does work for me pritty well on iPhone.

10. The-warlord,

Same here, works fine.

11. each-and-everythinh ,

yeah , web client is quite nice on android as well , it doesn't have some shortcuts like on i phone , but that is limitation of talkback and not aminiel's fault. But even without them , it's quite nice as you can play most of the games.

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