web site bugs [solved]

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1. SDJNick,

Hi all.

I'm your user, and i'm html, php, java script, BGT and dot net C sharp programmer, and a lot of another jobs... So it's nothing inportant. The inportant thing is that some stuffs such as download client don't work.E.g. general use of the client taking me to the $root\basics...

2. Aminiel,

Download and account validation have been corrected now.
I will check others links...

3. fatih ,

for example, I'm pressing ctrl+f1 in the 1000 miles, it says page is not found. all games documanttations have saim bug.

4. Aminiel,

Dead links have been identified, they will be corrected in next release. Thank you.

5. keyWasFull,

Hey, I wat a link to the forum. In the navigation bar at the top where it says logout, options, pole etc.

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