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1. YNWA,

Yesterday we were playing Spades with 2 teams of 3 and I replaced my friend at the end of the round with a bot. The bot consequently bid a 0 with an ace of Spades in it's hand. We already knew that the bot would not be able to make the contract. This should not be at all possible, after all nobody would bet a 0 with an ace.

After I tried to send the history report but when trying to complete it I disconnected twice, so was unable to send the history report!

Latest edition by YNWA, Apr 25 2016 21:06:06

2. fani ,

it happen frequently

3. AcaaFaaca ,

Yep, I think that most of table masters when playing spades choose the player to be his partner. Spacially because of that bug

4. Aminiel,

Unfortunately I can't do anything if you didn't send the report.

5. YNWA,

Unfortunately when I sent the error report the system disconnected me twice. If it is any help I replaced a player with an existing bot and the bot then bid a 0 with an ace! If I get another situation like that one I will try to send the history report again. The History report does normally work but it did not that time!

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