Bug in Back Gammon

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1. Bently,

I was just playing back gammon against a bot and at the end of the round I paused the game and then started the next round. It was the bots turn to start and the bot rolled 3 turns in a row before I even got a chance to roll once.

2. YNWA,

yes got that and reported it, it is weird!

3. AcaaFaaca ,

How to pause the game?

4. fire-starter,

press shift P

5. Aminiel,

It's probably just because you paused and resumed too fast. At least I'm unable to reproduce this bug otherwise.

6. YNWA,

I had it once and it was a saved game I resumed from a day before. It is not one that happens all the time!

7. each-and-everythinh ,

the bug with saved games is fixed and will no longer happen , it used to happen whenever you save and you should play or bot , i'm not sure but i know it was easily reproducable. Still one thing exists and that's , sometimes but it's rare , i might figure out the cause , when you pause the round , save the table and restore it , then continue the round bot will have those 3 extra turns. But like i said , it's rare.

8. MRMagenta,

Same bug happend in other games So in monopoly bot have 1000 extra turns.

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