Some bugs when using Web client.

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1. MRMagenta,

Hie all, I have here the list of bugs in the web client that I have find. I will add new bugs that will existing and will remove ficsed. 1. grid based games Connect4, Revercy, Ches, Battleship and backgammon. Backgammon is not showing bord, Chess and battle ship arn't writing colum letters and row numbers. Con4 and revercy: It may not be played with bots. Why? Probably don't show the col letters and row numbers. 2. Dice games: slow I don't kno why 3. Dominos You are uneable to join the table of dominos. 4. Reading:(Reported all reddy) Voice over says: John play Allis draws John has faild the Allis Cant play. The are starting reading information then start reading un other information and stop privius. 5. Jass (All reddy reported) There are no button for choosing trump. I hope That will help in ficsing these bugs. Report here other bugs if exist but I don't Writed here.

2. each-and-everythinh ,

1. Don't have that bug as for not being able to play with bots aminiel has explained that it isn't possible2. Useless 3. Don't have that either 4. Don't use voiceover so can't really test that 5.jass bug is definitely there and i reported it

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3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

And if you're using web client via Windows from FireFox, press Alt, then right arrow till view, down arrow till page style, enter and make it no style. Try it could be a good solution. Though I'm not sure if it really works

4. MRMagenta,

What if we are using Mobile phone to use the playroom? These are bugs that I see when I am using from mobile device. So You don't have alt and erows to fics these problems.

5. each-and-everythinh ,

i use it from mobile so yeah , and these aminiel needs to fix at least the last one because that can be fixed.

6. MRMagenta,

Why not even 2.5 of them?

7. diana.cician,

hey! please relax relax MR please. we are no relaxed and i want to relaxed some time.

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