We cant invite someone to the discusion using the client.

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1. MRMagenta,

Hie all
I send to someone the ppm and I cant invite more partisapents. The problem is that that I cant find the button for a invitation, then we must use the web inbox. Can we invite someone to the discusion with a client?

2. Mayana,

to invite someone, press ctrl+i then choose their name, or go to your friend list, press enter on that user and choose invite, or press ctrl+w, go to that user, and press enter on him/her then enter on invite.

3. MRMagenta,

That is for tables. But for inbox. I am thinking about inbox.

4. each-and-everythinh ,

hello , you use comma when sepparating recipients , for example in the recipient edit box , type like this: Recipient1,recipient2,recipient3 etc... you can have up to 5 participants in one discussion

5. Mayana,

Till now I didn't even knew you could talk to more than one person in your inbox. so, wow, thanks for that! It's quite useful.

6. each-and-everythinh ,

You're welcome , yes you can do it and it can be really nice.

7. MRMagenta,

no, after you have sended the message, You may invite someone to the disscusion Thatis possible in web inbox, but not in clients . I am asking is it possible with a client?

8. each-and-everythinh ,

hmm , never saw that. You just send the first message to whichever 5 participants you want.

9. MRMagenta,

ok, Send the privite message to anyone and clich after sending the message open this disscusion on the web. On this webpage you will see a edit box where you can invite even the 6th partisapent. But, I cant find it in the client.

10. each-and-everythinh ,

nice , i will try.

11. MRMagenta,

Aminiel has said that invitations are possible when this feature has bin released.

12. Sajad-Aliraqi,

You can use a space instead of a comma. That's what I use

13. each-and-everythinh ,

oh really , that's nice

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